Monday, February 8, 2010

Scissors cut paper; rock covers paper…

By Katie Brewer

Carol Labashosky, creator of scrapboarding, began using photographs, paper, fabric and paint together in a 3-D collage after a trip to Italy in 2006. She created the Burano, Italy series, unique and colorful photo boards, of a vibrant fishing village which were featured at Louisville’s Fourth Street Live Art.

“I was suddenly an artist besides being a photographer,” she said. “I respond to color and texture and try to capture it with a camera, but I take the scenes’ atmosphere with me in my head and recreate them physically on a board in 3-D.

“It’s a very chaotic assembly process,” she said. “Once the photo is printed out, that’s only the beginning.

“I was never a good decision maker, so I tend to use all mediums all at once.”

What viewers of her artwork agree on is that it is like nothing they have seen before.

“What made me realize I was really creating something significant was where a visitor at the gallery said to me, ‘I like your piece the best.’ There were many well-crafted pieces of artwork there.”

A self-taught artist who is also a public servant for the federal government, Labashosky is currently working on showcasing some scenes from a recent trip to Hawaii.