Artist Statement


Louisville, Kentucky USA

I ride the waves of creativity and leave the dusty scrapbooks on the shelf. I get out my paints, fabric and two by fours and create a unique collage unlike any other, a scrapboard, often featuring a beautiful travel destination photograph and materials from the very place I've traveled.

Scrapboarding features the tactile joys of scrapbooking using paper, paints, magic markers, glue, photos or memorabilia adhered to a surface; however use of a board -- as opposed to 10 x 10 inch paper -- frees me to compose in 3-D and beyond. I am unconstrained, and do not go “by the book.” Scrapboarding has no boundaries, but many layers. Frames and trinkets tell a story. The composition builds confidence. The memory takes physical shape and undergoes a metamorphosis. Each scrapboard is an original artwork and idea. Conceived in the spirit of surf boarding, scrapboarding is freewheeling and edgy.

Carol Labashosky is an artist who has garnered a regional and international following through interviews on nationally syndicated Sirius XM radio, w/ Gallery representation.

About my Etsy shop: Scrapboarding is a virtual entity of Barking Dog Enterprises, an idea company and studio/gallery.