Friday, April 24, 2015

Kentucky Derby means hats and horses!

And they're off! Almost, but not quite yet. "They" -- are the world-class three-year-old thoroughbreds that grace the Kentucky Derby at world-famous Churchill Downs. The fastest two minutes in sports will soon be held May 2 in Louisville, Kentucky.

I enjoyed photographing the hats which is something I have never done around Derby time because I'm so hung up on the horses. I've been working in the studio to "hang the hats".  The hats are courtesy of Laura Whitlock Millinery, Loreta Corsetti Millinery, both of Chicago, and Forme Millinery in Louisville. "Millinery" is an  old-world term for hats. These fancy hats and fascinators are very pretty, delicate, done in meticulous work, beautiful materials, just glorious. I marvel at the craftmanship and detailing. Hope you will too! Thanks to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft for allowing me to use their facility as a backdrop for the hats.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wild Horses

Wild Horses began with a sturdy piece of Arches of France paper. I had seen a trio of horses grazing in a wetland area, and the scene was so striking, I decided to paint it. My Great Niece Lee Ann had taken a photo with her phone and passed it along to help me in my new creative endeavor. Throughout the winter I added light layers of acrylic paints to create the scene. I chose warm colors specifically.

I am now adding some purple and violet borders to give the scene a colorful frame. The colors oddly coordinate. I love the shades cast by the wine-colored stripes. I'll see where it goes. You can see how the painting progressed in past blogs.