Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Spring - Bring on the Green

Embracing spring, I've been asked to paint a special and beautiful horse, as a testimony and memorial for "Brandy," a beautiful white horse from Kentucky. Brandy was ridden and owned by my client, Kay's friend, a long time ago. Kay realized how special Brandy was to her friend, and asked me to paint Brandy from an old photograph. I love the old photographs from the 60s and 70s, the square size, the white border, and the faded look. The prints are so sharp because the old-time negatives, though old school, did their job. And, there was always the suspense waiting to receive one's prints.

This is an acrylic painting. I'm using palette knives and some big thick brushes. I am enjoying the many green and yellow colors so far. Kay will give the painting to her friend as a surprise.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sketching is the thing! I'm in a Leonardo DaVinci mode

Taking a break from large-scale artistic creations with paints, papers or photographs -- the things I typically assemble for scrapboarding -- is what I need now. I've begun a series of sketches with No. 2 lead pencils and a tablet from Target. I will be posting them here. The joy of sketching is that I am so in the moment and don't feel compelled for that rat, "Perfection," to crawl about in my mind. Be free! Sketch!

Here you see the constellation Canis Major, The Great Dog with Orion the Hunter, the caretaker and guardian of The Great Dog. Canis Major's main star is called Sirius, the dog star, which appears as the large ball about the neck of the dog. Sirius is the brightest star and the biggest in the night sky in winter. You can see the dots within the sketch which are the stars of both constellations.