Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Canvas Majic -- Merida, Mexico Fine Art Painting to Emerge

Painting on a black canvas is a different experience than painting on the typical ho-hum white canvas. I am able to use a host of colors that normally might appear dull, and that wouldn't stand out, but upon a black background, have the appearance of more pigment.

This painting is taken from a postcard from Merida, Mexico, at night. The glistening streets and subtle green flashes of light, and the greenish glow will be really fun to recreate.

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Seasons" new fine art by Carol Labashosky premiers at Bridge Gallery, Mellwood Art Center Oct. 31-Dec. 15

"Seasons," new fine art by Carol Labashosky, will be showcased at the Bridge Gallery, Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center  Oct. 31-mid-December. Labashosky's new fine art display includes scrapboarding, paintings and photographs. Scrapboarding is a unique form of fine art collage where themes materialize in 3-D. Labashosky combines paint, photos and memorabilia affixed to boards in dramatic vibrant compositions. For this exhibit, Labashosky used the theme of the four seasons to create colorful and rustic pieces each unique to fall, winter, spring and summer. "The pieces are made of different materials - one is on a burlap canvas, and that was a challenge to paint on." "It being fall, the colors of some of the paintings are just like leaves," she said.

Come and meet the artist during the reception, Oct. 31, 6-9 p.m. during F.A.T. Trolley Hop. The Bridge Gallery is between the two main buildings on the second floor. Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, Bridge Gallery, is located at  1860 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, Kentucky.
Barking Dog Enterprises is Labashosky's studio and gallery, #136 at Mellwood Arts Center.

(502) 649-6226