Thursday, April 28, 2016

There's no place like home -- in my studio

My studio is my happy place. Beauty and Peace fill the air among the artwork on the walls, on the floor on easels, propped up against the wall or in sketchbooks.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; I'm done.
I have finished the Yellow Brick Road and Emerald City scrapboard. It still needs a title. I like "My Crazy Imagination" because I kept imagining how more and more glass, or tiles, fabric, or paints could be put upon the board! More and more! The piece is so heavy. I will need to have my dear husband drill some holes for some strong wire. My heart too gets a little heavy when I complete a piece -- I've truly put my heart into it. Yet, my heart lightens as I evolve, or involve into a new creation. I say this because the art takes over me. My mind, hands, posture, fingers -- all of me. I am in the moment.

I'd like to share some pictures of "My crazy imagination." I hope you find that " imagination" can inspire yours. Allow your thoughts to travel upon the yellow brick road. It's paved with the grace we receive from God to create! Get on it!

All that glimmers is green, my favorite color.

 ..A Heart,

...A Brain,

...The Nerve,

...A home

The tin man, the scarecrow, the lion and Dorothy, have had these all along.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Wonderful World of Oz

I am continuing to add embellishments to the Emerald City scrapboard. I used fabric like a red hem or something one would use on curtains to appear like poppies. The once colorful sky has been muted by metallic paints. It gives the sky a hazy glow, and the white half circle makes the emerald city stand out.

The joy of art is in the imagination. I never know how or where something -- what something? -- will be laid out and glued down upon the board. The unknown is what's appealing.

Close up of the green plastic bottles which were originally intended for lotions and such.

To the right is the iridescent green glass which mimics what is opposite, in this case, art hanging on the wall.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Sketching between fine art projects

Advocating for sketching, my thoughts are that artists and creators need a break from major projects like paintings or detail work of any sort.

I found a photo of a bird in a Kentucky natural resources publication. The positioning of the photograph of the bird on the cover of the magazine was unusual in its depth and colors.

Once my pencil began to glide across the Arches of France paper, I was filled with joy and a fountain of creativity. I was happy while drawing. I had a few visitors and some children come into the studio to check things out while I sketched. I had to sharpen my charcoal pencil with a box cutter, but that worked well. No need for an ancillary pencil sharpener.

Here's how the drawing played out. I drew the bird all in one session. Creating art in this fashion, meaning, get it done in a couple hours max was VERY fulfilling.

Monday, January 25, 2016

From Another Galaxy


From Another Galaxy

This heavenly photograph appeared on a scientific facebook page. I couldn't resist downloading it. The colors, textures, water color effects are all stunning. The post stated it was a new galaxy or something to that affect. It is a glorious photo and lends itself to art. Maybe I'll paint it! What are the beams of light in the middle? What is this????? Where??? I'd like to have a fly-by.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Emerald City -- I Am An Architect


Somewhere over the rainbow, a piece of art begins to take shape. Here, in my art studio, my happy place. I had not been in studio in a month, and it's great to get back to creating art. Below, you can see how glass tiles are adhered to the scrapboard to simulate the buildings of the Wizard of Oz' Emerald City. Also in the pictures, you can see some of the other elements, like the brick road, plastic lotion bottles gluded together to build the city. I like the green sequins and paint and pastels smoothed or smeared together. For the holiday traveling, I have my art journal -- so I'll keep my hands busy with more art. Ahhh, I feel so much better after a stint in the studio. No matter how long, fifteen minutes, here or there. A couple of hours? That's enough, already. And, the craft room downstairs is a blessed haven.

  -- Carol

Friday, October 30, 2015

Artist Carol Labashosky debuts new “Scrapboarding” for Open Studio Nov. 14-15

Open Studio Weekend 2015

News Release
Oct. 30, 2015
Carol Labashosky - 502.649.6226                                                                    
Artist Carol Labashosky's planning in-studio demos
for Open Studio Nov. 14-15
     (Louisville, KY) -- Fine art by Carol Labashosky will be showcased at her gallery and studio Barking Dog Enterprises Nov. 14 and 15. She is one of more than 100 participating artists for Open Studio Weekend - Louisville Visual Arts and UofL. She will be doing demos both days so visitors can see how an artist creates in her or his studio.
     Labashosky's fine art includes “scrapboarding” – an art form she invented. Scrapboarding is fine art collage where themes materialize in 3-D. Labashosky combines paint, photos and memorabilia affixed to boards in dramatic vibrant compositions.
     She is currently creating a 3-D art on a board of the Wizard of Oz’s famed Emerald City. "I used green bottles of all different sizes for the city and tiles of brick for the road. I feel like a mason and an architect,” she said. Labashosky will have her collection of Titanic fine art and a new photograph exhibit on display and will have paintings, prints, fine art greeting cards and scrapboards available for purchase.
     Come and meet the artist during Open Studio on Saturday, Nov. 14 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 15 from noon-5 p.m. at Barking Dog Enterprises, #136 in Building One, Mellwood Arts Center, 1860 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, Kentucky. Get tickets for 2015 Open Studio Weekend at

 For more info call (502) 649-6226.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Emerald City scrapboard -- hello Yellow Brick Road

It's good to be back on the web to give you all some of my fall project updates. Thank you to my visitors who stop here to read about my art.

After kicking myself into gear to put away the paints, and reach for a board, I have now begun a new concept and idea for a 3-D scrapboard. In The Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City is the destination of the plot, but the story never ends there.  The Yellow Brick Road is the analogy of the journey.

I started the fine art piece with a 24 by 24 inch sanded board. (Bored) Sanding a board is boring, yet paying attention and being mindful of the sandpaper going across the board is both soothing and invigorating because I am in the process: beginning. This is one of the many joys of creating work.

Green plastic bottles are adhered to the board in a -- what I like to call haphazard -- configuration. I love how they shine and are so smooth. One could put lotion in them I suppose...but I have better plans...

A trip to Home Depot is when things really got exciting. Why, the Yellow Brick Road! Tile? Rock? Stones? Should they be yellow? I want more 3-D! Here's where things got really sticky. Scrapboarding's secret ingredient is glue. I used Gorilla Glue for some of the "masonry" - ha - brick work, and as per usual, got it on my fingers. I also discovered I had to wait five minutes or more for the glue to cure to "set" the small bricks because I wanted them to physically come out of the board. Painstaking work, but rewarding. "Hello" (!) Yellow Brick Road! Elton John, love your song, though.

  Green plastic bottles were the design element for the Emerald City chosen by the architect -- me.

The Yellow Brick Road begins with a trip to Home Depot's tile aisle.

Yes, I'm bored (board). I had to start somewhere to get beyond summer Plein Air painting and ease into a new fall fine art piece.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Plein Air painting: a joyful way to celebrate nature

"Plein Air" is French, meaning outside. Painting outdoors in the fresh air is something that I tried for the first time this summer. A friend invited me out, last month, to give it a try. As a result, I bought my own supplies and hit the trail at the Kentucky Bernheim Forest
Preserve, shifting into high gear. Outdoor painting was exactly the boost I needed to get out of the studio, out of a creative rut, and out of my house. 

The colors and lighting outside are bright. I used a lot of green colors, but I decided to spruce up the scene with more vivid colors making the flowers stand out. The thing I noticed is, that being a beginner, I would like to practice using more of a combination of vertical and horizontal elements in my paintings. I can paint different sections, not just right to left in lines of what I see.

Plein Air requires a mobile set up. I had to be sure to have paints, brushes, a tripod and an easel on hand that were easy to carry. Plus a water spray bottle to keep the acrylic paints wet, Both times, it was very very hot out, and I'm glad I brought drinks. And a sun visor.

It was remarkable to do a complete painting in one sitting over a couple of hours. And, the  term "sitting" is relative. The first time, out at Louisville's, The Woodlands, I brought a fold-up chair. The next time, I stood and fended off many small hovering little bees. Next time, I'll bring bug spray.

See you outside - 
The long and winding road, with some beautiful landscaping at Bernheim Forest.
Painting outdoors at The Woodlands near a pond. No bugs that day.