Thursday, June 25, 2015

You complete me

Now, how cliche is that title. It's a common post on my web site to say, this or that project or artwork is "complete." Here it is! Look at it! Then, I say to myself really fast after that, "Now what?!?!!?"

It's sad in a way to complete a project, because that means, it's time to move on. Get another idea, go to the art store, look at some color palettes, go to a museum. GET SOME NEW IDEAS?!? New ideas, please come to me! SOS

New Mexico Horses. Here it is. Gladly, I'll say, thanks to my husband Brian who chose a plain wood frame which beautifully compliments the painting. The frame came with glass, too. The colors of purples and plums serve as a second interior frame of the artwork. Look for New Mexico Horses in previous blog posts!

PS. It is really difficult to photograph a framed painting under glass.

That will come. In the meantime, I have a canvas, I'm throwing some paint on. I bought a huge heavy roll of medium weight paper (to sketch full life sizes on?) and I'll move things around the studio (not very exciting -- but it helps if one is blocked.)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Kentucky Derby means hats and horses!

And they're off! Almost, but not quite yet. "They" -- are the world-class three-year-old thoroughbreds that grace the Kentucky Derby at world-famous Churchill Downs. The fastest two minutes in sports will soon be held May 2 in Louisville, Kentucky.

I enjoyed photographing the hats which is something I have never done around Derby time because I'm so hung up on the horses. I've been working in the studio to "hang the hats".  The hats are courtesy of Laura Whitlock Millinery, Loreta Corsetti Millinery, both of Chicago, and Forme Millinery in Louisville. "Millinery" is an  old-world term for hats. These fancy hats and fascinators are very pretty, delicate, done in meticulous work, beautiful materials, just glorious. I marvel at the craftmanship and detailing. Hope you will too! Thanks to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft for allowing me to use their facility as a backdrop for the hats.