Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bold Twice likes carrots and sweet potatoes

On Sunday I visited our racehorse, Bold Twice at Churchill Down's backside. The backside was quiet and peaceful accepting for an occasional whinny or stomping from a horse who'd awaken from a nap. Some of the horses lie down in their stalls which I had not seen before. I was stoked when I came upon our horse, who had his backside to me - I didn't recognize him!? Bold Twice, a bit skiddish at first, nosed me up and down nervously and smelled my face a lot with his warm breath before he agreed to let me give him a rub. He's a tad thin so the Glynshaw trainers intend to plump him up a bit, however it will be difficult while he runs at the track. I brought my camera and got a few pictures of the horses munching hay quietly in their stalls. Barn cats roam around the immaculate barns. Glyshaw racing is an outstanding operation whose motto is treat the horse right and he'll do right by you. I like that. This stunning photograph is by Natalie Glyshaw, a professional photographer and co-owner of the racing team.