Friday, June 18, 2010

My acrylic portrait

Acrylic portraits. Oil portraits. Sketches of faces, expressions. Drawing eyes. All interesting! Drawing the face is what I've done previous, however painting faces - well, that's a face of a different color all together!?

I love acrylic paints, and so I set out to make an acrylic portrait! I have my late mother's photograph stuck on my studio shelf. I look at it every time I plop down on my studio stool to contemplate my project. I thought, "Mum, I will paint thee today."

The photograph of my mother became the reference. The portrait only took me two sessions, and it turned out, pretty good! My goal was to mix paints or a flesh toned pallette, and study the different parts and colors of human flesh of the face, the rosy parts, the olive tones and pale areas. Foreheads are not the same color at all, by the way, as the rest of the face. I'll post a picture over the weekend. Very cool indeed!!