Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baking Double Ds Dogball Delicacies

The best thing about being an artist is the opportunity to be creative. Tonite, I fulfilled a long-time dream of making and selling an artisan crafted handmade dog treat. I came up with a recipie using trial and error and made several batches. Frosty Mugs, the shetland sheepdog, namesake of my art business, licked her lips and crunched down the dogball treats.  One batch was not right - and she spit out the dogball.  Ah ha ! The freshest liver pate made the difference. I knew the recipie was sound as she licked her lips and begged for more.

A wonderful client I met on Etsy ordered some tea-stained paper - which I also hand make - and she ordered the dogballs too for her dog Max. Gotta admit, I'm just so overwhelmed! What a great day...as the smell of baking liver wafts through the kitchen (dog licks lips). I hope Max likes them as much as does Frosty Mugs.