Monday, October 31, 2011

Gathering more supplies for Deadly Plot board game

   I received a 1950s manual typewriter I ordered off Etsy, and I'm typing up questions and answers on serial killers and forensics. For example, where did the Manson family live? The streets, Spahn Ranch, jail or the Folger estate. Correct answer, Spahn Ranch - but jail would also fly. I'm using leftover scraps of tea-stained paper for the questions which are vertical appx. 10 inches long. The antiqued paper and the typewritten text lend an archival quality to the questions which players will answer to move around the board.
   A co-worker commented, "That's what the typewriter font on the computer is for." But, no. I strive for handmade and doing things the old-fashioned way, and I appreciate that everything on the board game is hand crafted. It takes time, but the joy is getting lost in the creative process.  An associate is hand sewing a quilt, not using a sewing machine. Why? Because there is something to be said for tradition.
   The game debuted during the Mellwood Arts Center Trolley Hop, Friday night at our tenant gallery show. Visitors and artists found the game interesting I think, albeit, odd. The "Green River Killer" aka Mr. Turner, brought me some shell casings which will make kickin' players' pieces as they move around the board. I also painted numbers on some bright yellow glitter paper to use as evidence markers.