Monday, March 4, 2013

Civil War Photography at Antietam Battlefiled (Sharpsburg, Md.)
Pen and Ink drawing by Carol Labashosky

I've always had an affinity for civil war photography by Alexander Gardner and Mathew Brady who photographed the civil war. Their efforts were to ensure the public saw the reality of the battlefield and the bloodshed up close and really personal; too gruesome for some. They had a studio in New York,

My fine art pen and ink drawing was rendered from a photograph taken by Gardner. The piece had sat unfinished in a closet for 12 years, and I finally completed it two years ago and had it framed. There is something serene about the drawing, but yet forlorn. At Antietam, both armies, the Union and the Confederacy,  suffered the highest casualties of the entire civil war.