Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo transfer brings mixed media to a new and exciting creative level

     Is it a photo or is it a painting? What, on paper? Hmmm. Equestrian dressage is captured here in my fine art photo transfer combined with acrylic painting. Learning a new artistic technique has opened my eyes to trying some new media methods. I participated in a workshop at Louisville's new Block Party Handmade Boutique on 4th Street, Louisville, Ky., taught by Photographer MickieWinters. Students learned how to transfer photos from Xerox paper (! how easy is that product) and special photo paper to wood, glass or even a canvas. The process combines a matte medium applied to your upside down photo positioned on the wood block. Then after waiting -- wait overnight if you can -- you peel away or scratch away the white photo paper. I failed my first attempt, but like the little engine that could, I continued to progress until I had a "live one." 
     This photograph was taken during the World Equestrian Games held in Lexington, Ky. Half the fun was going through 4,000 digital files -- those blasted thumbnails -- to find a photo I have always treasured, but never turned into a tactile object. Digital files are great, but they are fleeting. For me, a "Scrapboarder" used to working images with my hands, this look and method is nothing short of spectacular. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. 
     Thanx Mickie Winters for sharing your techniques! And, to you folks out there, try photo transfer.
     This piece will be on sale at the Boutique in June. It's a five by five canvas preserved with several coats of Golden Gel medium for UV protection by Artist Carol Labashosky.