Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New bloomin' summer artwork showcased at Block Party Handmade Boutique

These three fine art paper collages on canvas were crafted using handmade paper. They are coated with professional UV protective sealants to ensure the integrity of the vibrant colors over time.

The background brightly colored paper is being used as a backdrop for the green textured papers. The green papesrs upon five by five inch blocks are hand stamped with patterns, each unique. Currently, I am adding a flower photograph to each block making them true and unique Scrapboards.

Combining the canvas together as a set means they can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

I'll be sure to provide a picture of the completed art when it hangs in Block Party Handmade Boutique's new gallery.

Next merchancise will be fine art greeting cards assembled with the green paper and vibrant flower-patterned paper. All fine art and greeting cards are available for purchase on https://scrapboarding.etsy.com