Monday, August 5, 2013

"J Lee Designs" showcases beautiful jewelry

Jana Weigel of J Lee Designs, Lindenhurst, Ill. first started making unique hand-crafted jewelry in 2012 and ever since, has been going "full-speed ahead" in 2013. She now offers shoppers a substantial body of work from which to choose -- beautiful jewelry to suit any taste or age group.

I own a bracelet from J Lee Designs and have received compliments on the color choice and unique curves of the jewelry wiring assemblage. 

Her products are assembled with beads or stones, hand-rolled paper from magazines (!), wire and other carefully-chosen materials which all complement each other. She has displayed and sold her jewelry in the Chicago area.
The jewelry is eclectic and artisan hand crafted, said Jana. The colors she uses are bright and vibrant, or by contrast, pastel shades.  She has also created custom work for avid sports fans -- such as a Chicago Bears collection. J Lee Designs specializes in  bracelets,  earrings, wine glass charms and key chains. She has spent extra time to assemble attractive and clever displays to position her handiwork.

Don't you think that showcasing new emerging artists by buying and wearing their creations -- and writing about the designers -- is something all of us can do easily? Share this good news!

J Lee's designs just recently has begun a facebook page to spread the word about her designs:!/pages/J-Lee-Designs/1405328863013212