Monday, February 29, 2016

Sketching between fine art projects

Advocating for sketching, my thoughts are that artists and creators need a break from major projects like paintings or detail work of any sort.

I found a photo of a bird in a Kentucky natural resources publication. The positioning of the photograph of the bird on the cover of the magazine was unusual in its depth and colors.

Once my pencil began to glide across the Arches of France paper, I was filled with joy and a fountain of creativity. I was happy while drawing. I had a few visitors and some children come into the studio to check things out while I sketched. I had to sharpen my charcoal pencil with a box cutter, but that worked well. No need for an ancillary pencil sharpener.

Here's how the drawing played out. I drew the bird all in one session. Creating art in this fashion, meaning, get it done in a couple hours max was VERY fulfilling.