Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm stoked about all the new friends and posts resulting from some comments on Etsy forums and facebook advertising. I'm seeing people from Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, middle America :) and Europe. Very cool how the internet can link us together across the globe.

On art, I lugged in the "Frosty Mugs the barking therapy dog" canvas into the house to touch up some colors. I'm going to enter it in the LaGrange, Kentucky pet art showing. The art is a scrapboard with my Sheltie smiling, poster style with agility courses around the edges. She has a fuzzy furry chest like this guy at work whose hairy white chest hair sticks out over his collar. When he talks to me I don't hear a word he says because I can't stop staring at his frosty furry chest hair bursting out from under his collar.
The beauty of scrapboarding is that I can throw anything onto the board and affix it down, like photos, paper with writing on it, paint or beads. Bummer is, I used some shady magic markers that faded so now I have to go back in and use paint with a stronger hue.