Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Through the (new) lens - Part One

I remember my first 35 mm camera. My brother, a curious blossoming engineer, bestowed the old relic on me in 7th grade. I then joined photography club and fiddled in the dark room with mysterious concoctions and chemicals watching images miraculously appear under the red glow of the darkroom light. It was by far, the most amazing activity I had ever engaged in. From there, I learned more about photography as my passion grew. Remembering how you became involved with your art gives rise to rediscovering the passion and the wish to continue to learn something new. I like to contemplate seeing how far I have come over the years - or over the months!

On my 47th birthday last week, my husband gave me the second best gift I ever received in my life - a new Nikon D-300s camera. It's almost overwhelming the bells, whistles, dials, settings and buttons, but not really. At first, it's easy to be overwhelmed when taking on something new. Opening the box was a near religious experience. I've owned four cameras in my life, two of them used - and as a photographer, that's a pretty low number. This new camera in its pristine box is something I revere and value, and I am amazed the manual is nearly two inches thick.

Our art, imaginations, our supplies are really gifts that we've all been given as artists to create or recreate what the world or our minds have to show us. I can't wait to share with you all, images and fine art through the lens!