Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Louisville Folk Artist Karen Abney showcases Day of the Day handmade art

In conjunction with South 4th Street Day of the Dead celebration, Artist Karen Abney has created new art associated with the holiday as seen below.  Abney has been producing, showing and selling her hand-made art pieces for more than 30 years. Her latest body of work, titled “Inner Landscapes” is a conglomeration of her favorite things: found objects, Mexican Milagros and odd containers. Her interest in Mexican Milagros led to this Day of the Dead exhibition.

Fascinated with Mexican culture and particularly the use of iconic religious items in their art,
Karen Abney has crafted these whimsical art pieces that incorporate a “gringo’s” view of the
style and beauty associated with Dios de los Muertos. Each piece is hand stitched and lovingly assembled. I have this piece sitting on my desk.
Her art is on display at Block Party Handmade Boutique, 560 S. 4th Street, Louisville where the co-op artists also have erected ceremonial Dio de los Muertos alters.
After placing a photo of my mother on the alter for Friday, Nov. 1, I felt comforted. It is a way to honor her in the present because her gravesite is in Wisconsin where I seldom get to visit. She - Roberta - was a spanish teacher and would have been able to tell me all about the day and its meaning. In this fashion of participating in an actual celebration, I can learn and mum would be pleased