Thursday, October 24, 2013

The story behind the fine art painting, White Chapel's Revenge

By nature, the story of Jack the Ripper evokes chilling thoughts and a shudder. We imagine him, as a stealthy serial killer stalking women up and down the dark streets of Whitechapel. While creating this painting, I imagined how it would be for those troubled souls who fell victim to this fiend, to have had a chance to change their fate and the past, and escape The Ripper.

The colors and eerie movements of the four people - three women and Jack the Ripper - represents an unearthly "switching backthe clock" so the characters could somehow create a different ending, eluding the criminal.

This acrylic artwork I painted is titled White Chapel's Revenge, and it is on display at Block Party Handmade Boutiqu, 560 S. 4th St., Louisville, for the season. The colors are just as they appear here, somewhat of a hellish orange inferno with a dark black and gray contrast.

 The women have alluded The Ripper this time as they go back to rectify the past. From left to right are the three women who will reclaim their lives from Jack the Ripper, who is left behind beneath the street light.