Friday, January 24, 2014

Glamourous Harbor by Artist Carol Labashosky

LIVE - TRAVEL – ADVENTURE inspired by “Miami CSI”
by Artist Carol Labashosky


Let this stunning fine art creation carry you to a surreal and glamorous harbor...

The combination of acrylic paints, beads, masonry and circular magazine clippings in this fine art piece have yielded a colorful starburst. The blue waters contain may types of hues and textures. Here, you see a magical and modern interpretation of a harbor side, city seascape. It could be Miami, or  Asia, the orient -- let your imagination take hold and lead you to a destination of your choice. The shoreline and architecture is reminiscent of many oceanside promenades.

Gold leaf paint, UV protected sealants and a special tipping technique created special canvas-drip highlights. All the detailed techniques make this fine art piece remarkable and beautiful and in the fine art tradition of scraboarding.

The canvas is a substantial 3 feet by 3 feet and would make a bold and bright statement on any wall.

Ready to hang, this fascinating and finely crafted painting will provide years of viewing enjoyment -- travel on a jet-setting journey to a far-away ocean-inspired adventure

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