Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brandy Fine Art Acrylic Painting gallops along

"Brandy," is a commissioned piece of fine art for a Louisville client. I love it when there is an intriguing story behind the client's subject matter for the painting. Brandy, a white horse, was a family's dear friend for many years, willing to please, kind and gentle. The horse is a beloved companion that came of age in the 1970s.My client has plans to surprise her dear friend - who owned the horse - with the painting.

It has been challenging to add details to make a white horse stand out in a light background of trees, brush and shrubs. Using an aged and washed-out photograph as a guide, and changing the photo to black and white has helped immensely to move the project along with pizzazz and contrast. Thanks to Louisville Artist Amy Welborn for this great tip.