Friday, July 18, 2014

Camouflaged Squirrel Goes Nutty for Acorns fine art 16 by 20 inches

Look how lifelike this friendly backyard squirrel is while camouflaged by the barn wood fence! I took this picture after patiently waiting nearly a half hour to have the luxury of a perfect position. This grey squirrel is the subtle focal point of a fine art scrapboard. A Scrapboard is a 3D piece of fine art, my invention, scrapboarding, which includes photos, paints, and other exotic memorabilia assembled with professional glues and UV protection and loving attention to detail. My scrapboards are not duplicated and the concept is nationally and internationally unique.

This 16 x 20 inch piece is made on gallery wrapped canvas and is truly life like with the edges painted to replicate and complement the remainder of the fence. The wagon wheel pictured adds to the fine art as the inquisitive squirrel balances upon the wheel and fence. There are purple, brown and blue glittering embellishments and shimmering paint used in segments of the painted frame surrounding the fine art photograph.

The nut or acorn is artisan crafted and hand blown by  renowned Louisville glass artist Jake Pfeifer. The nut is rendered in complementary gold, purple and brownish hues with an opalescent cast. I frequently use other artists' work in my pieces. The nut is approximately four inches by five inches.

Squirrel Goes Nutty was a fine art showcased fine art piece in a recent gallery exhibition titled Disguises at Louisville's downtown Block Party Handmade Boutique Gallery.

This fascinating medium sized fine art piece is unique, ready to hang and a great conversation piece. For sale at