Friday, August 1, 2014

August signals Shark Week and Fine Art Exhibit "Jawsome"

Today, August 1 begins the world's annual celebration of its fascination with sharks. We celebrate the shark by "shark month," and soon, Shark Week on television. In a clever move, the co op /gallery and boutique I am represented by, has a new exhibit on, yes, sharks. I have contributed several fine art pieces to the Block Party Handmade Boutique's "Jawsome" gallery showing for the month of August. This was very challenging, creatively, to come up with shark art that would draw a viewer into my paintings and photographs created for the show. Since Jaws in my top favorite movies - I watch it every summer - I was thrilled that Mary Levinsky, proprietor of Block Party would create such a unique theme for an exhibition.

I began with a piece of 24 by 24 inch pine board upon which to paint with a blue grey palette, an upcylced piece of floor trim to make a sign with lettering and then I replicated a photograph of the Orca, the famous boat in Jaws, the movie, from which the shark ultimately met his demise.

I'll soon post some pictures of my artwork hanging in the gallery.

Below, is the poster created for the gallery exhibit. Block Party Handmade Boutique is located in downtown Louisville, 560 S. 4th Street between the historic Brown and Seelbach hotels.