Thursday, June 25, 2015

You complete me

Now, how cliche is that title. It's a common post on my web site to say, this or that project or artwork is "complete." Here it is! Look at it! Then, I say to myself really fast after that, "Now what?!?!!?"

It's sad in a way to complete a project, because that means, it's time to move on. Get another idea, go to the art store, look at some color palettes, go to a museum. GET SOME NEW IDEAS?!? New ideas, please come to me! SOS

New Mexico Horses. Here it is. Gladly, I'll say, thanks to my husband Brian who chose a plain wood frame which beautifully compliments the painting. The frame came with glass, too. The colors of purples and plums serve as a second interior frame of the artwork. Look for New Mexico Horses in previous blog posts!

PS. It is really difficult to photograph a framed painting under glass.

That will come. In the meantime, I have a canvas, I'm throwing some paint on. I bought a huge heavy roll of medium weight paper (to sketch full life sizes on?) and I'll move things around the studio (not very exciting -- but it helps if one is blocked.)