Friday, February 24, 2017

Using cut and paste text for "Revolution"

When we think of cut and paste, it stands to reason this would be done on the computer. On this fine art piece, I cut out the letters to form the word, "Revolution." This was the final addition to the painting which was done in acrylics. I thought about painting the letters on the paper, but I preferred the cut and paste look -- but it was tricky not to get glue all over the place, though. Completed, you can now see how the elements fit together to form a flag, representing the unity, the age of America using an antiqued look. Do you see the bullet hole in the middle?

I intended this painting to serve as a reminder for all the blood that has been shed to keep the country united.  Alas, now there is so much strife… choosing sides far to the right or far to the left, during  the election…the new presidency of Mr. Trump. Police are being targeted. All kinds of lives are newly "mattering "  Hashtag ###

“matter.” Life matters. More protesters and riots. Angry people and politicians who are rogues, who are renegades. Don't pay to much mind to it, though. America has gone through many many worse times! The Civil War, where brother against brother fought, the stock market crash and its subsequent depression. Coffee was rationed. And so were stockings! Do you find your predicament troubling? I couldn't deal with a coffee ration. So, if I get down and feeling blue, I somehow end up painting to get me through it. This painting shouts out -- look out ! -- we are still Americans, ya’ know.

We are the United States of America. Let's not divide, but find unity in the "Stars and Stripes, Forever."